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A. What do we publish?

We are interested in publishing articles, review articles, book reviews, and creative works across the whole range of philosophical topics,  but with special emphasis on the following subject strands:

  • Filipino Philosophy
  • Oriental Thought and East-West Comparative Philosophy
  • Continental European Philosophy
  • Anglo-American Philosophy

The journal primarily caters to works by professional philosophers and graduate students of philosophy, but welcomes contributions from other fields (literature, cultural studies, gender studies, political science, sociology, history, anthropology, economics, inter alia) with strong philosophical content.

We are now accepting creative works.  Please visit our Metaporika Denkbild section for more details.

B. How long should a submission be?

  • Article (8,000 words or less)
  • Review Article (8,000 words or less)
  • Book Review (2,500 words or less)
  • Denkbild (discretion of the Editorial Board)

C. When should you submit and what happens to your submission?

We now accept submissions all year round.  All unsolicited submissions undergo the following review process:
  • Initial vetting process of the Editorial Board.  In this stage, the Editorial Board screens submissions based on their suitability for further review.  All authors are informed about the result of this initial process.  Please take note that a notice to proceed is not yet an offer to publish, it is merely to inform the author that his/her submission has passed the initial stage and will further undergo the blind peer-review process.  It also in this stage when the author is informed whether his/her submission is considered for the March or September issue.
  • Blind peer-review process.  When an author receives a notice to proceed, his/her submission will be sent to a nominated expert for blind review.  In general, this process could take between two to six months, depending on various circumstances.  Since this part of the review process could be tedious, we solicit for the patience of the author.
  • Notice of acceptance, rejection, or provisional acceptance.  Based on the referee’s report, the author will be informed whether the Editorial Board has decided to accept or reject the submission for publication.  In majority of cases, a provisional acceptance is given to an author who needs to the revise his/her submission based on the recommendations of the referee and the Editorial Board.  Full acceptance is only given when the recommended revisions are addressed.
  • Notice to publish.  A notice to publish will require the full cooperation of the author, as this stage involves editing the style, grammar, format, and overall layout of the accepted submission.  Please take note that the Editorial Board reserves the right to exclude accepted submissions that do not comply with the stylistic standards of the journal.
  • Release of the issue.

Because of the sheer number of unsolicited submissions we receive on a daily basis, submission management has become increasingly challenging for us.  This often results in the piling-up of submissions, the breakdown of the online submission tool, and, at times, unacknowledged submissions.  In this regard, we wish to solicit for the patience and full cooperation of contributors.  

Many thanks.

Specific Submission Guidelines

1. We accept submissions in either English or Filipino with good punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Provide a 200 word abstract in English and at least 4 key words. Please take note of the number of the acceptable word count for your submission (see Section B above).  Please note that all submissions are checked for plagiarism and Artificial Intelligence (AI) content.

2. Kritike is a refereed journal and follows a double blind review policy, which means that the identities of both the author and the referee are concealed during the review process.  As such, please make sure that your manuscript is prepared for blind review, meaning your name and institutional affiliation should not appear in the body of your manuscript.  If you cited your own previous work(s) in the article, delete your name from the citation(s).

3. We recommend that, at the first instance, you use our prescribed citation style: Click here to visit the journal's style guide page.

4. Submit your text in 2.0 line spacing with 12 points font size. Quotations exceeding four lines should be indented and single-spaced.

5. Save your paper as either a Rich Text Format file (*.rtf) or a Microsoft Word document (*.doc or *.docx).

6. Submit your paper as an email attachment to with the following required information and additional attachment:

    • Use the appropriate subject heading based on the nature of your submission:
      • Article submission - Surname
      • Review article submission - Surname
      • Book review submission - Surname
      • Denkbild submission - Surname
    • In the body of your email, include the following:
      • Complete name: Surname, first name, and middle initial
      • Institutional affiliation (e.g., Department of Philosophy, University of Santo Tomas, Philippines)
      • Official email address (preferably your institutional email address)
      • Title of your submission
      • 200 word abstract in English with at least 4 keywords
      • Optional: Note to the editor or cover letter
    • Attach your updated curriculum vitae
    • Attach your submission

7. By sending us your submission, you agree to be bound to the Terms and Conditions stated in the journal's Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement.

NB: We will only honor unsolicited submissions with complete information and attachments.  Thank you.

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